API for search.mobile.walmart.com

POST json Test


ID 51397784 WM365

Original pathhttp://search.mobile.walmart.com/search?query=51397784&store=365
Transformation dataShow XSLT
Validation dataShow XSDs
Require https?No
Automatically follow redirects?No
Modified -
Last successed fetch -
Last successed parse -
Request parameters
id ID True WWWItemId
upc UPC False upc
quantity Quantity False quantity
price Price False priceincents
Request headers
id Model True WWWItemId
upc UPC True upc
quantity Quantity True quantity
price Price True priceincents
Example request with Curl
curl 	-H "x-apfy-authorization: [Your API key]" \
	-H "id: [Required]" \
	-H "price: [Required]" \
	-H "quantity: [Required]" \
	-H "upc: [Required]" \
	-F "id=[Required, @path/to/file.ext]" \
	-F "price=[Optional, @path/to/file.ext]" \
	-F "quantity=[Optional, @path/to/file.ext]" \
	-F "upc=[Optional, @path/to/file.ext]" \

Refer to the parameter-pane for more information about specific parameters

To get JSON-response instead of XMl add: -H "x-apfy-accept: application/json"

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