API for www.google.com

A simple google search API. Can be used to e.g. get a list of all registred links for a website you're about to update.

GET imagesearch Test


Google image search

Filter search by adding the "tbs"-parameter, separate types with ",".
Color type=ic:[gray|color|specific]
Size=isz:[l|m|i|lt|ex], for "lt" also add "islt:[qsvga|vga|svga|xga]" and for "ex" also add "iszw:[number],iszh:[number]"
Image type=ift:[jpg|png|ico|...]
Image proportions=iar:[t|w|s|xw]
Exactly when=cdr:1,cd_min:[yyyy-mm-dd],cd_max:[yyyy-mm-dd]
Region=ctr:[e.g. countrySE]
Licence form=sur:[f|fc|fmc|...]

Example: "tbs=ic:gray,isz:l,itp:face,qdr:w" would mean "Find large grayscale images added last week that contains a face"

Original pathhttps://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&sout=1
Transformation dataShow XSLT
Validation dataShow XSDs
Require https?No
Automatically follow redirects?No
Last successed fetch2017-02-09
Last successed parse2013-11-22
Request parameters
num Page size (0-100) False ^\d{1,2}|100$
q Search string True
start Start fetching results from given position False ^\d*$
hl Language locale e.g. "en" False
tbs See method description for example filters. False
safe "images" is the default value False ^(off|active|images)$
Example request with Curl
curl 	-H "x-apfy-authorization: [Your API key]" \

Refer to the parameter-pane for more information about specific parameters

To get JSON-response instead of XMl add: -H "x-apfy-accept: application/json"

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GET search Test

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