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GET GetCareerStats Test


Method for getting all time stats for NHL-players.

Original pathhttp://www.nhl.com/ice/careerstats.htm
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Validation dataShow XSDs
Require https?No
Automatically follow redirects?No
Last successed fetch2014-08-14
Last successed parse2014-08-14
Request parameters
team Three letter team code. Check www.nhl.com for correct references. False ^[A-Z]{3}$
sort Determines on which value to order the table. Possible values: player.bioFirstNameLastName, player.position.positionCode, gamesPlayed, goals, assists, points (default), plusMinus, penaltyMinutes, powerPlayGoals, shortHandedGoals, gameWinningGoals, gameTyingGoals, shots False
position Determines which player position to display. Possible values: S (Default, All skaters), C (Center), D (Defenseman), F (Forwards), LW (Left Wing), RW (Right Wing) False
pg Page to fetch False ^\d+$
gameType 2 = Regular season (Default), 3=Playoffs False ^\d+$
country Three letter country code. See ISO 3166-1 standard to get correct codes False ^[A-Z]{3}$
active Determines if table should contain all players or only active ones False ^(true|false)$
Example request with Curl
curl 	-H "x-apfy-authorization: [Your API key]" \

Refer to the parameter-pane for more information about specific parameters

To get JSON-response instead of XMl add: -H "x-apfy-accept: application/json"

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