We couldn't have built APFy.me if it wasn't for other great people and companies that already built a bunch of tools and frameworks we could use. So here is our BIG thank you to those!


This project is partially founded by Internetfonden (part of The Swedish Internet Infrastructure Foundation - .SE). Without the help from Internetfonden this project would not have been possible to build, we are proud and thankful for the fundings.

Home of Internetfonden

A core function of APFy.me is to transform HTML to XML so that it later can be transformed to the exact output you like. To help with the HTML to XML transformation we're using a slightly modified version of the SGMLReader.

Home of SGMLReader

To extend the functionality of the basic XSLT 1.0 we are using a modified version of Mvp.Xml. Mvp.Xml implements most of the EXSLT specification and also contains a few extra functions you can use while writing your XSLT.

Home of Mvp.Xml

We like the Write less, do more-philosophy of jQuery. A nice to have in every web project!

Home of jQuery

Designing and building nice frontends is not something we're particularly good at, luckily the good people of Twitter has produced the Twitter Bootstrap framework to make life easier for people like us.

Home of Twitter Bootstrap & Bootswatch

A superb optimization service for websites. Makes it easy to combine, minify and compress JavaScript and Css-files. Also great for optimizing and performing other imaging operations on the fly.

Home of Skymorph

For every solution you build you should have a good logging structure and functionality. NLog is included as a part of many of my projects. If you're looking for a logging framework, give this one a shot!

Home of NLog

We're using this superb Json-library to transform XML to Json (and the other way around).

Home of Json.Net

Apart from Skymorph we're also minifying the html-output to reduce the payload even more.

Home of HtmlCompressor and the .Net port

The high performance editor for the web. We're using the Ace-editor to make it easy to analyse the source HTML as well as write and edit your XSLTs and XSDs

Home of Ace

A nice validation library for .NET MVC projects. Check it out if you're sometimes pulling your hair trying to accomplish e.g. conditional validation.

Home of MVC Foolproof

ASP.NET MVC Extensible Donut Caching brings donut caching to ASP.NET MVC 3 and later. The code allows you to cache all of your page apart from one or more Html.Actions which can be executed every request. Perfect for user specific content.

Home of MVC Donut Caching

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